Introducing: HDU Prime-All

HDU Prime-All Bucket

• Spreads Easily.

• Dries Evenly.

• Sands to a smooth even finish.

• Excellent Adhesion. Won't lift when masked.

• Absorbs into Cellular structure of HDU sign foam.

• Water Based / Environmentally Friendly.

• No Harmful VOC's

• Easy Clean-Up.

• Moderately Priced.

• Convenient easy to open / close plastic container.

• The best waterborne HDU sign primer you can buy!

• Great for wood too!

"Finally, an affordable waterbased sign primer
specifically formulated for HDU sign foam boards."

Don't let your next sign job be ruined by a bad primer! Try a gallon today!
Visa / Mastercard Accepted. Call or E-mail to find a distributor near you.